Weekly Review 15

It’s my weekly review for the 15th week of the 2017 year. Since I work through the “How to Prove It: A Structured Approach” book. This week is all about it.

This week

I finished to work through the “Quantificational Logic” chapter (chapter 2) and did the all exercises here: 2.pdf. It doesn’t mean that I did the all exercises correctly, so feel free to create an issue and submit a pull request on GitHub for improving the solutions.

One year ago I was writing the tests using SmallCheck and had a hard time understanding quantifiers. Finally, after finishing the chapter 2 I understood what does it mean universal () and existential () quantifiers and how to use them. Now, looking at the SmallCheck documentation doesn’t scare me at all and even makes perfect sense!

Moreover, chapter 2 describes such things as the family of sets , the union of the family of sets ∪ℱ, the intersection of the family of sets ∩ℱ, the power set 𝒫(A) and much more.

Next week

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