Weekly Review 18

Chapter three is HUGE, goal analysis and more.

Weekly goals analysis

I want to start from the goals for the week. I have set them in the previous week.

  1. Solve all exercises from the chapter three of “How to prove it” book.

I was pretty sure that I will finish the biggest chapter on this week (biggest chapter so far). The amount of the exercises to solve in this week was much fewer than in the previous week. However, now I know that the amount of something shouldn’t be the main factor of estimation. Since exercises may have a different level of difficulty, and that’s the case for this week.

Last three exercises of chapter three remain to solve for the near future. In general, I satisfied with the results of the goal.

  1. I should walk on 40 kilometers.

Every person with an aim to be successful should devote part of the life to the sport. Walking on 40 kilometers per week is hard to call a sport, as maximum, a physical activity. However, I really like walking and, I think, this is my first step towards running for long distance and, potentially, towards the marathon run (my long term goal).

I walked around 30 kilometers. I listened more than half of “Охота на овец” audiobook during walking. I found the place in my life for the fiction books!

As a retrospective, I need to track the number of kilometers more precisely and walk at least 40 kilometers per week (don’t skip rainy days, no excuses!).

  1. I should practice English and book the lesson.

English is the main language in the world in this century. English is the really important thing in Software Engineer career, I should try to improve the language skills as much as possible.

I didn’t book the lesson in the week (shame on me!), but I am going to do it in the near future, really!

One positive thing, I hope this blog should improve my writing skills in the long run.

I have the idea to implement typos, errors reporter tool for my blog. Initially, the idea is not mine, of course, but the existed free tools don’t satisfy my needs. Briefly, the idea: a user selects specific text with the typo or error, clicks “Bug” button, optionally writes a comment, and I receive the email with an information that somebody found an error on my page. Error reporting should be UX friendly and very simple, simpler than using regular comments otherwise, this whole idea becomes useless. I even feel that I am capable of implementing it without any troublesome. Only one thing which stops me from implementing it is the time and priorities. My main priority on the technical side is “How to prove it” book for now.

That’s pretty much all about the weekly goals analysis. I satisfied with my performance in general. But, of course, there is a room for improvements.

Everything and nothing

It looks like my music search is over at least up to next month. I mostly listen to a smooth jazz, such bands as Acoustic Alchemy, The Rippingtons, Fourplay, 3rd Force. I also like The Down To The Bone, Tangerine Dream, The Rolling Stones, John Coltrane, Mozart.

I watched a nice video from Bartosz Milewski about arrows. I recommend it to everyone interested in Haskell and Category Theory.


I found a nice resource for practicing the English grammar: https://www.englishgrammar101.com.
I want to work on it in the near future.

Next week goals:

  1. Finish three last exercises of chapter three and start to work on chapter four (the chapter about math relation).
  2. Book a lesson with a professional English teacher.
  3. Walk on 40 kilometers.

The goals are pretty much the same as for the previous week. Good luck!

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