Weekly Review 19

Trip to Warsaw. Started to work on chapter four.

Last week

I finished chapter three. The solutions of the exercises can be found here: htp_3.pdf. I am on the second section of the “Relations” chapter.

After finishing the “How to prove it” book I want to work on the “Verified Functional Programming in Agda” book. Some knowledge of Agda may help me to become a better programmer.

My family had to travel to Warsaw for a few days. Here is one shot from there:

I tempted to think it’s the main reason why I walked only 27 kilometers. Even if I walked only 27 kilometers it was enough time to finish listening to my second audiobook − “A Wild Sheep Chase”. I started to listen to another book that called “Hard to Be a God” by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. It’s really cool that I do sports activity in conjunction with listening fiction books.

I listen to the really nice talk from “The Haskell Cast” series: Episode 13 - John Wiegley on Categories and Compilers.

I played with “Programming with bananas and barbed wire. Part 1” tutorial; pretty cool introduction to recursion schemes.

This week

I am going to walk 42 kilometers.

I am going to finish sections two and three of the “Relations” chapter.

50sec read

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